Google My Business Listing : Should you care?

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The short answer? YES, ABSOLUTELY!! 

At least, you should care about your Google My Business listing, if you care in any way about helping clients, growing your business or about how you’re perceived.

Let’s talk about Gayle! 

She’s a frustrated business owner and is looking for YOU. Someone mentioned your name and she really needs help! And the first thing Gayle is going to do…pick up her phone and search for you!

Can she find you? 

woman search for google my business listing on phone

Your Google My Business listing

If you don’t have a door, she can’t knock it. You need to a Google My Business listing, so she can find the most basic information on you! If you’re not, Gayle (who isn’t the most patient person) can’t find you and will simply go to your competitor.

“It’s ok, I’ve my Google My Business listing!”, you might say. Ok, that great, Gayle can find you when she does a basic search. But when she looks at her phone…what does she see about you?

Do you have any reviews? Social proof?

Maybe 2 reviews from 3 years ago!? If you’ve got that, then I bet she’s feeling pretty underwhelmed! She’s beginning to doubt how good you are…she’s doubting your reputation. If people aren’t saying good things about you, you’re not for her. She’s got the most important business in her world and needs to make sure that anyone she works with is reputable!

Gayle (who’s already searching on her phone anyway) types in ‘good accountants near me’. Your competitors all appear. With lots of reviews!

Having a Google My Business listing isn’t enough. You need to have a strong online reputation too. Great reviews. Authentic reviews. And ideally, lots of 5 star ones! 

If you have reviews of Facebook, GMB pulls those through too and shows them on your knowledge panel. 

A strong reputation will stop the Gayle’s of this world from even thinking about searching for someone else.

So, using Google My Business helps you grow your business and helps make Gayle’s life easier. 

Be findable. Have a strong online reputation.

Then…take it to the next level and add your services and products…make it easy for Gayle to see what you have to offer. Post your offers and services on GMB. Then make her next step easy, by adding an appointment link, so she can easily book time with you. 

A well set up and well used GMB will help your local SEO. So, when someone searches for you, you appear on page one of Google, not two to infinity. Remember few people ever look at page two on Google!

So, do you need a well set up Google My Business account?

I’ll let you decide!


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