Our Work



SussMyBike are an innovative mountain biking technology business. They sell a product that helps riders tune their suspension like a pro!

They needed to capitalise on the pre-Christmas market to capture sales.

OurĀ Approach

Essential Website Refresh

In any campaign, it’s essential to maximise website conversions. We did a lighting fast refresh of SussMyBike’s key pages and built them a new, conversion focused product page.

ROI Focused Ads

Using Facebook and Instagram, we laser focused the ads on SussMybike’s target market, using a combination of video and carousel ads. Then we layered on retargeting ads, to add a whole new level of marketing and ROI.

Wider Digital Marketing

The Facebook and Instagram Ads were only part of the digital marketing campaign we set up for them. Using their existing email list and social media, we reached out to their existing base, to extend the impact of the campaign.

The Result


ROI on Ad Spend


Increase in Followers