Our Work


Limits Technology

Limits built a unique and innovative cycling power meter (think a rev counter for your bicycle). They had completed their product development, but needed funds, a strategy and capability to launch it.

Solutions Basecamp was in charge of giving them the strategy and capability to launch.

Our Game Plan

First Web Design...

Before we tried to raise funding, it was essential for Limits to have a quality website, to showcase their innovative product. We built a responsive and stunning website, a clear and compelling eCommerce shop and an investor portal.

Then Crowdfunding...

To have the funds to begin production, we needed to manage a crowdfunding campaign for Limits on the crowdcube platform. A LOT of updates, answering questions and compelling potential investors to become actual investors.

Result: £165,000 cash funds raised

Finally, Product Launch Strategy

It was essential to understand more about their target market, before the product launch. We created a paid ad survey campaign, giving invaluable data for minimal ad spend. Not only did we get extremely useful insights on ads spend, website analytics and target market demographics, we got the ability to re-target all survey visitors to the website. Double win!

We then created a successful launch campaign, involving creatives, social media industry influencers, paid ads, sponsorship and a launch event.